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Looking for a fun distraction? It seems like we all are these days. With lockdowns, social distancing, and other things that have drastically affected our day-to-day life recently, it's only natural for you to be searching for something to do safely at home. Trustworthy and licensedonline casinos offer a welcome refuge during these times, but it's important to ensure that they are just that: trustworthy and licensed. Before you go to the registration page, make sure you know what to look for in a good casino and how to navigate its terms and conditions. With a Royal Panda login, you are signing into of the best online gambling platforms, offering great bonuses and an easy-to-find registration page. We're here to help you find the best online casino deals and teach you what you need to know before you create your Royal Panda login.

Casino Bonus Varieties

There are many different types of casino bonuses out there. Some require that you deposit money, like the bonus offered when you create a Royal Panda login on their registration page, but some require no deposit of your own money at all! Here are a few common bonuses:

Free spins are offered by casinos for free spins on the slots game stated on this promotion. Unless expressly written in the promotion's terms, there is no deposit required for this type of bonus. You can win some money from these spins, which is converted into bonus funds for you to wager on other games through this. Sometimes free spins are offered in conjunction with another type of bonus, often as a part of a welcome bonus offered on the casino's registration page. You can get this as part of your welcome bonus when you create a Royal Panda login!

Bonus cash is given to players to wager with on a casino game determined by the casino. Bonus cash can be part of a bundle of sorts, but you can find stand-alone promotions like this on different web pages, even the casino's registration page.

Free playis something that you can use to get to know a casino before signing up. You are free to play a casino game - your options of games should be outlined in this promotion - for an allotted period of time without having to cash in.

One thing to know about no deposit bonuses is that casinos will require you to or make a successful payment at the casinos on the registration page, or when you make a Royal Panda login. This is a common requirement because you may not meet the wagering requirements on the balance of your bonus account alone. This is when you would have to make a deposit in order to continue play. Don't fret - it's totally possible to win real cash with a no deposit bonus!

An example of a bonus that does require a deposit is a deposit/match bonus. This is a common type of bonus in many welcome packages as stated on the casino's registration page. The casino will match a certain percentage of your deposit in this bonus. So, if they offer a 100% bonus of your deposit - let's say it's $10 - you will get an extra $10 in your bonus account to use for wagering on games. This is they type of bonus that is offered when you make a Royal Panda login on their registration page.

New Player Royal Panda Login Bonus

When you create a Royal Panda login, you'll see an offer for a welcome bonus on their registration page. Here's how that welcome bonus plays out:

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  • After creating your Royal Panda login, they will offer you a 100% match deposit bonus on your first deposit; at least $10 and up to $200.
  • Upon making your first deposit, you will receive 10 free spins on the slots game called Book of Dead.
  • On your second deposit, you can get a 50% deposit bonus on up to $300.
  • On your third deposit, you can get another 50% deposit bonus on at least $20 and up to $500.
  • If you claim the maximum bonus on these three deposits, you will be rewarded a $1,000 bonus.

You must opt in to "boost" your three initial deposits with these bonuses.

Casino Terms and Conditions

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Many casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players on their registration page. When you create a Royal Panda login, you are eligible for up to a $1000 bonus with 10 free spins upon completing your first three deposits. You may be thinking,"That sounds like a great deal!" You would be right! However, all bonuses, whether they're offered to new players on the registration page or to returning players, are subject to the casino's terms and conditions. Go straight from the registration page to their terms and conditions page to determine any limitations to gameplay. You'll find a few of those terms and conditions to look out for below, and how they can affect your bonus from creating a Royal Panda login.

Minimum deposits: are a requirement that casinos have for players in order to have collateral on gameplay. This is the minimum amount you must deposit in order to play using certain promotions, like the sign up bonus. It is stated on the registration page of their website that Royal Panda's minimum deposit for a sign up bonus is $10.

Maximum payouts: Bonuses come with the condition that these promotions have a maximum withdrawal amount within a given 24 hour period. For most payment methods, the maximum withdrawal amount at Royal Panda is $100,000, except for when you're using a credit or debit cards; in that case it is $50,000.

Wagering requirements: Wagering requirements, decided by the casino, determine the amount of times you must bet your bonus funds before you can cash out. Low wagering requirements make gameplay more accessible and require less risk of your bankroll. For example, when you create your Royal Panda login, there will be a welcome bonus offered on their registration page. This promotion and others at Royal Panda have 35x wagering requirements, which means you have to gamble your bonus account balance 35 times.

Additionally, if you are playing a no deposit bonus, you will only have to gamble whatever bonus funds you have, whatever the casino's determination method is, since you won't have deposited your own money. A transparent casino will make it very clear what their wagering requirements are, and will post them throughout their website, even and especially on their registration pages.

Why Should I Create a Royal Panda Account?

There are many online casinos out there and it is important to know that the one you choose has your best interests at heart. Sometimes, you can tell even before you reach their new player registration page that something is off with a certain casino. When you visit the Royal Panda registration page and get a Royal Panda login, however, you are putting yourself in good hands. Here are a few great things about getting a Royal Panda login at their registration page.

Royal Panda is fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

When you get a Royal Panda login and become a regular customer, there is a loyalty rewards program, which is called the Loyal Panda Program. Even though Royal Panda runs promotions and offer bonuses that are open to all who have a Royal Panda login, but they also want to reward loyalty by giving loyalty members exclusive bonuses and prizes.

Everyone with a Royal Panda login should be able to tell you that this casino is extremely user friendly. Not only were their games and other functions developed to be as user-friendly as possible, but they have honest and reliable customer support services. There is a live chat feature and an accessible email/phone number to contact. They proudly display their customer support functions on their registration page to be sure that all players are aware that they are there for them.


Royal Panda offers one of the best welcome packages out there, which can be redeemed through their registration page. When you visit their registration page and create a Royal Panda login, they will double your first deposit of at least $10, and if you can deposit more, the deals get even better.